Our Story

The band formed over a mutual love for playing great music together and having fun while we're at it. 

The band formed in 2013, with the aim of playing the jazz and swing of our heroes (Ella Fitzgerald, Quincy Jones, and many others) up to modern day (Gordon Goodwin and even some Adele).

We also feature original arrangements - and yes, with enough notice we will do special requests for private bookings.


If you'd like to hear more then come and see us in person! We are currently not recruiting any new members but welcome playing enquiries.

If you're interested in hiring us, please contact us: info@thelockedhorns.com Our standard setup includes 17 musicians (a full big band), plus at least one vocalist.


The following musicians feature in the Locked Horns:

Vocalists Penny Smith, Katie Scott-Hamilton, Cameron Lemmer, Leahman Pratt-Young
Alto saxes Judith Harris-Deans, Rachael Lloyd, Lisa Hebbard
Tenor saxes Laura Cook, Cat North, Dave 'Mr P' Parsons
Bari sax Pete Hodges
Trumpets Rob O'Neale, Carl Woodison, Kev Courage, Kirstie Floyd-Walker, Matt Sherwood
Trombones Harrison Coomber, Joe Carnell, Sam Chamberlain Keen, Andy Wild, David Reinstein
Piano Paul 'Doctor Who?' Evans
Bass Jack Larkins, Jacob Garrick
Guitar Gavin Farmanieh
Drums Tom Benson, John Tipping, Jay Scott-Hamilton

The band at a wedding in 2016

Image credit: www.lee-maxwell.com

Image credit: www.lee-maxwell.com